Monday, December 7, 2009

Mine Play House

Here is mine Play House!

The great Alfie Marshall has a play house. And I wants to be just like him when I's grows up.

I really love it. It has 2 parts this is the top part, the sun deck I's call it. It has a nice snuggy purr pad in case I wants to take a nap. But I's never do! I keeps mine spring toy there. I loves to play with mine springs, just like Alfie.

I likes to jump up here and plays with them .... then I jump out and plays with them all over the apartment. I makes the ladybean hunt for them and put them back. He-he-he-he!!!

This is the bottom portion, its where I park mine jingle balls. When its time for jingle soccer, that's feetsball as Alfie would say, I runs in and bats them all around for warm up. Ya never wants ta play soccer wif out getin' all warmed up!

I hopes you liked seeing mine play house.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Busy Week

Hi Kitty furrends!

Bless mine paws and whiskers, but I have I had a busy week!

First I hadda go to the V-E-T. Mine mombean put me in a box, and took me to the place that smelled all funny, not like mine forever homes at all. I thought that she was gonna leave me there coz that is what happened the last time I gotd put inna box and went someplace funny. I gots verrrrry sad coz I really like the ladybean, and all mine toys and good foods. But, she said I was just there to meet mine doctor, Dr. Kathy, who would helps the ladybean keeps me healthy. And that afters we’d go home again together. Dr. Kathy said I was almost purrfect.


She said that I might have a little bugs in mine tum-tum, so she gaves the ladybean a little package with a specimen bottle to bring homes. I like the Dr. Kathy, (‘cept she stuck somthin’ in mine back end where nothin’ – and I mean nothin’ – should ever be stuck. I tolds her so too. As loud as I could.). She said I did a good job to picks mine ladybean and that we’ll have many happy years together. That sounded good to me. Then I gots putted me back inna box and brought me back to mine forever home. FFFeeeewww! I didn’t wanna stay there.

When we gots home the ladybean cleaned out mine bid-ness box real good and even rinsed it with hot-hot water and vinegar to kill any of the bugs that maybe there. Then after a good dinner -- hey did you know that Fancy Feast is the bestest ever? – I took care of mine bidness. But the ladybean stoles mine poops! The she put it inna bottle, wrapped it up real good and put it inna coldbox. I mean she usually puts it inna something she calls a trash bag. The next day she hadda take it back to the doctor and she was home late, so we just had dinner and played and snuggled before bedtime. The day after that she was home late again, coz she hadda go back to the doctor and gets me some med-sin coz there was somethin’ in mine poops that shouldn’t be there. We hadda nice dinner and before play time she squirted some of the stuff in mine mouth. It tasted icky! After she gave me somethin’ I’s never had before, called a Temptations, wow, wow Wowee dose are even better that Fancy Feast!!! Den she cleaned bidness box again. The next night she was home on time, but we hadda do the med-sin and box cleaning all over. So’s I haven’t been able to have a lot of time for blogging.

I’m gonna try to blog more this week, coz she should be home on time every night.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Wide-body Wednesday

Milton, you aren't very wide.

I am too wide.... from the tip of mine tail to the tip of mine nose wide!

Oh, Milton that isn't wide!

No? Wellll....... I'm gonna go have a snack, then.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Nap Time

Here are some of the bestest places to nap that I have found in mine new forever home......

Mine very own bed

In da sunbeam

On the Bizzy for Gizzy Quilt of the Kitty who came before, Beezer

The ladybean says that if I'm a good kitten she'll save, save, save her green papers and maybe after the first of the year she'll get me mine own Bizzy for Gizzy quilt that will match mine own furs. I'm gonna be very, very, very, VERY good!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Jingle Ball Scocer

First ya gots ta check yer sneakers.

Then ya go, go, GOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, November 23, 2009

I love to play squigle

Boy, did I have a grand time this evening!

The lady left me this morning to to something calleds 'work'. She was gone a looooog, and when she came home she gave me some more of the really good foods. I really like the chow here.

Then we had a great game of squiggle.

I love playing squiggle!

I get all wrapped up in it. He-he-he!

After we played a while I went to mine bed, and made some Bisquicks. I have to keep a close eye on her though .... she might go back into the foods room, and I wanna be sure if she gets out foods I get some.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Hi! I'm Milton!

Oooooo, I really dig these squiggles!

Hi ya! I'm Milton, and today Sunday, November 22, 2009 I came home to my forever home.
Yep, its my gottcha day, as the lady here tells me. I'm very happy to be home. I'm 2 and a half months old, and as you can see I have blue-gray furs.... not a speck of white any where on me!

I was in the back resting from seeing all the peoples in the Macy's Window, but I was still a little restless when the lady came in. Oh, sure there were a lot of beans that looked at me, and liked mine gray furs, but none of them were right. Then the lady came in. She was nice, and talked to me I watched her and gave her mine bestest kitten eyes. So's she asked if one of the other ladies there if she could meet me! They opened the cage and she reached in to pick me up. I was purrin' so hard I though I might fall over! She asked if I'd like to come home with her, and told me that she'd always, always, always take care of me. That was all I needed to hear!

Now that I'm home, she gave me a bunch of toys that belonged to Beezer. The lady said that she knew that he'd be happy knowing that I'm having such a good time playing with them. He must have been a really grand kitty, I'm gonna have to ask her to tell me more about him.

I'm exploring everything.
Hey! Who is that kitten? What? Huh??? The lady here says that its just me. I duh-know. I keep pouncing to get him to play with me, but he just does every thing I do .... I gonna have to figure all this out. There is just so much that is new here.

Mine first dinner at home. These foods are really nom, nom, nom, good! The lady said I really chowed down like a little piggie. I licked the bowl clean!

Boy, I'm really pooped! This bed is soooo comfy and big enough for me and all my new treasures. *yawwwwwwwwn* The lady sez in no time I'll be big enough to fill it all by myself. But for now I just wanna hap.