Sunday, December 6, 2009

Busy Week

Hi Kitty furrends!

Bless mine paws and whiskers, but I have I had a busy week!

First I hadda go to the V-E-T. Mine mombean put me in a box, and took me to the place that smelled all funny, not like mine forever homes at all. I thought that she was gonna leave me there coz that is what happened the last time I gotd put inna box and went someplace funny. I gots verrrrry sad coz I really like the ladybean, and all mine toys and good foods. But, she said I was just there to meet mine doctor, Dr. Kathy, who would helps the ladybean keeps me healthy. And that afters we’d go home again together. Dr. Kathy said I was almost purrfect.


She said that I might have a little bugs in mine tum-tum, so she gaves the ladybean a little package with a specimen bottle to bring homes. I like the Dr. Kathy, (‘cept she stuck somthin’ in mine back end where nothin’ – and I mean nothin’ – should ever be stuck. I tolds her so too. As loud as I could.). She said I did a good job to picks mine ladybean and that we’ll have many happy years together. That sounded good to me. Then I gots putted me back inna box and brought me back to mine forever home. FFFeeeewww! I didn’t wanna stay there.

When we gots home the ladybean cleaned out mine bid-ness box real good and even rinsed it with hot-hot water and vinegar to kill any of the bugs that maybe there. Then after a good dinner -- hey did you know that Fancy Feast is the bestest ever? – I took care of mine bidness. But the ladybean stoles mine poops! The she put it inna bottle, wrapped it up real good and put it inna coldbox. I mean she usually puts it inna something she calls a trash bag. The next day she hadda take it back to the doctor and she was home late, so we just had dinner and played and snuggled before bedtime. The day after that she was home late again, coz she hadda go back to the doctor and gets me some med-sin coz there was somethin’ in mine poops that shouldn’t be there. We hadda nice dinner and before play time she squirted some of the stuff in mine mouth. It tasted icky! After she gave me somethin’ I’s never had before, called a Temptations, wow, wow Wowee dose are even better that Fancy Feast!!! Den she cleaned bidness box again. The next night she was home on time, but we hadda do the med-sin and box cleaning all over. So’s I haven’t been able to have a lot of time for blogging.

I’m gonna try to blog more this week, coz she should be home on time every night.


  1. Wow you and your ladybean had lots to do last week. We hope this one goes much smoother.

  2. Wow! You were busy!! But we hope that medicine gets whatever is in your poops out...

    (and yeah...Temptations are the greatest, aren't they??!?)

  3. We hope yoor poops get better. Keep takin the medicines!

    Milo and Alfie xx

  4. Milton, I am so glad you are healthy except for those bugs. You be patient with your mombean, now and let her give you the medicins and soon you'll be 100 purr cent better.

    It's great that you have a loving mama and lovely vet, too!

  5. Sorry to hear you have not been feeling good. I hope your meds work quickly and you are back to you cute self.